PALS WEB TV - Youth Empowerment through Community Reporting and Peers Learning...

…is a project supported by Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Youth, based on the idea of community reporting, combines expression, journalism, photography, storytelling and social media to capture stories of lived experience and then share them in the format of TV shows or documentary films. PALS WEB TV will then, empower young people coming from Indonesia, Macedonia, Guatemala, Nepal and Spain, to tell their stories in a professional format, using this process of learning how to produce films as a training to get into employment.

What is community reporting? 

Community reporting is a storytelling movement that started in 2007 and uses digital tools to support people to tell their own stories in their own ways (People’s Voice Media). It provides a wide range of possibilities around the world and to different target groups: young people, families, homeless, etc. Several training offers are being developed and delivered to equip these target groups with tools to tell authentic stories about their own experiences and to face a more promising future. There are many projects that exemplify the success of community reporting, from independent radio stations and video channels to web pages and newspapers on different topics.

PALS TV Training cycle

PALS TV is a web TV based on an inclusive model that empowers youth to participate in sustained quality learning and to take an on-going, active role in their community and the broader society.

This means that during the first 6 months, 15 young people from the 5 participant countries will be trained on community reporting techniques, marketing and income generation to become Peer Learning Pals (PLP). Each PLP’s role is to pass on their knowledge to 10 of their peers through a training course of another 6 months.  After the whole process 50 youngters will be ready to capture and share their reality in a format of 50 authentic documentary films about different topics which matter for them, and which is as important as the latter, community reporting will be spread as a tool to prepare young people for employment.