Five are the organizations involved in Pals Web TV...

Fundación INTRAS - INTRAS (Spain) is a non-profit organisation aiming at improving the quality of life of vulnerable people. It also has solid experience of promoting non-formal education and lifelong learning using innovative tools tailored to the needs of our target groups.

Association for Citizen's Tolerance and Cooperation – ACTAC (public Of Macedonia) boost youngters' competences and skills for their involvement and participation as active citizens.

Campaign for Change Nepal - CCN (Nepal) is a non-government, non-political and social organization aimed at establishing a culturally vibrant, socially participatory, democratic and economically sustainable society, while introducing subtle changes in socio-economic and cultural sectors. 

Dejavato Foundation - DEJAVATO (Indonesia) works for peace, international understanding and solidarity, education, social sustainable development and respect to the culture and environment through international voluntary work, educational and cultural activities as well as exploring natural attractions. 

Sociedad para el Desarrollo de la Juventud - SODEJU (Guatemala) aimed at promoting the participation of children, adolescents and youngsters seeking for their integral development as citizens and for the construction of a democratic society and respectful of human rights. SODEJU organizes workshops on socio-politics and promotes local and national advocacy processes for improving public policies related to youth.